Software Partners

The following software vendors provide software packages and/or camera drivers that are known to be compatible with all currently active Point Grey Research camera products.

Vendor Software Package(s) OS Compatibility
 A&B Software ActiveDcam Windows
 ASC Astro IIDC Mac OS X
Carnegie Mellon University CMU 1394 driver Windows
Claron Technology MicronTracker, ClaroNav Win, Linux, OS X
Cognex VisionPro Windows
Digital Optics V++ Windows
IOXperts IOXperts IIDC driver Max OS X
libdc1394 libdc1394 Linux, Mac OS X
Matrox Matrox Imaging Library Windows
MVTec Software GmbH HALCON, ActivVisionTools Windows, Linux
National Instruments LabVIEW Windows
Norpix Streampix Windows
The Mathworks Image Acquisition Toolbox Windows
Unibrain FireAPI, ubCore, Fire-i API Windows