For stunning images, Point Grey cameras are sought after by planetary, lunar, solar, and deep sky astrophotographers. Leveraging industrial camera technological advances in image quality, sensitivity, and speed, Point Grey cameras allow for precise resolution and frame rate control. Point Grey cameras are available in a range of popular Sony CMOS and CCD sensors housed in rugged, compact cases with unbeatable price points.

Unique Features:

  • Hardware ROI for higher frame rates (reduced bandwidth), the ability to be "focussed" on the target, and savings in both disk space and processing time.
  • Support for 16 bit video important for DSO imaging, doing Photometry for Exoplanet transits and teasing subtle details such as clouds on Venus using UV Cut filters.
  • Amongst the lightest cameras in the industry (37g - 104g)
  • Support for variable ROI and variable frame rates
  • Excellent low noise characteristics for DSO imaging (without cooling)
  • All Point Grey FireWire, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cameras are powered by bus to reduce cable clutter without requiring an AC adapter.

Standard software packages known to support Point Grey cameras include FireCapture. Lucam Recorder is currently developing support for Point Grey cameras.

Telescope Mounting Note: Point Grey cameras can easily be mounted onto any telescope by purchasing a 3rd party C-mount to 1.25" mount adapter or C-mount to T-mount adapter. Point Grey does not sell these adapters and they must be purchased through a 3rd party company.

Product Catalog

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Grasshopper®3  ** New Models **
The high performance Grasshopper3 camera line combines the benefits of CCD with the affordability and data throughput of USB 3.0.  Sensors include the highly sensitive Sony ICX687, ICX 674, and soon the ICX694 and ICX814.  The Grasshopper3's FPGA and frame buffer-based architecture provides optimal reliability, a rich set of features, and a full image processing pipeline including color interpolation, gamma, and lookup table functionality.

 larger image
Sensor: Sony 1/1.8”, 2/3”, 1” CCD and CMOSIS 1" CMOS
Resolution: 2.3 MP to 9.1 MP
Frame Rate: 9 FPS to 162 FPS
Dimensions: 44 x 29 x 58 mm
Interface: USB 3.0 interface with screw locks for camera control, data, and power.
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Blackfly® arrow ** New Models **
Ideal for planetary imaging, the Blackfly camera lines uses highly sensitive sensors, offers high frame rates and provides unbeatable value. The BFLY-PGE-05S2 model uses the ICX693 SuperHAD CCD II sensor from Sony, and supports a 6 um square pixel with excellent well depth and signal to noise ratio. The BFLY-PGE-09S2 uses the ICX692 EXview HAD CCD II from Sony and provides low read noise, quantum efficiency near 70%, and excellent near infrared response.

Sensor: 1/3”, 1/1.8”, 1/2.8"; CCD and CMOS
Resolution: 0.5 to 5.0 Megapixels
Frame Rate: 13 FPS to 60 FPS
Dimensions: 29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm excluding lens holder, without optics (metal case)
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet interface with screw locks for camera control and data; Power over Ethernet
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Flea®3 arrow
Flea3 IEEE 1394b Flea3 GigE Flea3 USB3.0

The Flea3 FL3-FW line of IEEE 1394b cameras offers a total of eight monochrome and color CCD models, ranging from VGA to 2 megapixel.

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The Flea3 FL3-GE line of the world’s smallest GigE cameras offers a total of four monochrome and color CCD models, ranging from VGA to 5.0 megapixel.


The Flea3 FL3-U3 line of the world’s smallest and fastest USB 3.0 cameras offers a low-cost, high-speed, CMOS image sensors, ranging from 1.3 to 8.8 megapixel.

Flea3 FireWire Firewire IEEE-1394b
Flea3 GigE GigE Vision
Flea3 USB3 Vision camera USB 3.0 Logo
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 Getting Started
 Product Datasheet
 Getting Started Manual
 Product Datasheet
 Getting Started Manual
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The Grasshopper Express camera series features a completely new hardware platform designed to accommodate a wide range of high speed Kodak and Sony image sensors. The Grasshopper Express is housed in the same compact metal case as the original Grasshopper. The camera also comes complete with a variety of new features, including enhanced opto-isolated GPIO, new hardware trigger modes, and improved imaging performance.

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Firewire IEEE-1394b Grasshopper2
Sensor: 1/2", 2/3", 1" CCD
Resolution: 1.0 to 6.0 Megapixels
Frame Rate: 11 FPS to 70 FPS
Dimensions: 44 x 29 x 58 mm
Interface: IEEE 1394b 800 Mbit/s interface with screw locks
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Grasshopper®2 arrow
Grasshopper2 IEEE 1394b Grasshopper2 GigE
The fully redesigned Grasshopper2 camera series is the next generation version of the high performance Grasshopper and offers users a FireWire (1394b) and GigE Vision digital interface. The Grasshopper2 uses the same form factor as the existing Grasshopper and a selection of the same image sensors, and adds several new features, including enhanced opto-isolated general purpose I/O and improved imaging performance.
Grasshopper2 FireWire Firewire IEEE-1394b
Flea3 GigE GigE Vision
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 Getting Started Manual
 Product Datasheet
 Getting Started Manual
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The very affordable Chameleon features a unique combination of a small, lightweight form factor, USB 2.0 interface, and a Sony ICX445 EXview HAD CCD image sensor. The extreme high sensitivity of Sony's Exview technology allows for fast shutter speeds in any light condition.

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USB 2.0

Sensor: Sony 1.3MP 1/3" ICX445 EXview HAD CCD
Resolution and Frame Rate: 1296x964 at 18 FPS
Digital Interface: USB 2.0 5-pin Mini-B interface
Dimensions: 25.5 mm x 41 mm x 44 mm
General Purpose I/O: 7-pin connector for trigger and strobe
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